A little wishing

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I’m back !



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Food: 7/10
Drinks: 9/10
Price: Reasonable
Service: Excellent
Environment: Simple design and nice ambience. A very good place for meet up and dating. Lol..

20 Lorong Maju Utama 1,
Bukit Mertajam,
Pulau Pinang,


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The nearest place to have my lunch. Mixed of coffee and cake is sort of an enjoyment time. Few minutes make a different. I mean different environment make me feel so much better than staying in the forest. Haha. This is my first time blog using my iPhone. Testing testing 123…

No title

Hi everyone,

MIA MIA. A big apologize due unmotivated mood. Mainly I’m focusing on my career and try to venture into new place. Somehow I fail a few things. Can’t really tell it here, can’t really express out, can’t image what if I a make “some” wrong decision. Just forget about above statement. Anyhow I’m back but this time I try to blog via my iPhone / iPad. Hope it is not too complicated due resizing picture. Try to blog or post picture immediately (sort like dayre). Oh well, see you guys on my next post. TaTa n take care yo !!

Serious not so serious

Seriously I just make it to the year 2014. I feel like I have the chance to start fresh and make some positive steps towards making my life even better and cherries every moment. I am not going to make any resolution this year since is means something I probably won’t succeed. Instead a small goal for each month would be sensible (next post). Honestly, I am not in a good condition from the beginning of 2014. A lot of things happen in my life. Heart and brain turn numb where there is no tears or feelings as leaving person. The way I express my anger is much different from anyone. Some people will cry, some will sleep, some will blast the music to release the anger. As for me, entire incident trigger to bulimia and depression relapse. Don’t pity me because is not a right way. Is called disappointed! My mom and bros came to see me because of car crash. At the same time something happen and they have to drive back to hometown. In the end I just realize my dad ask them to go and find me again. He knows that I’m not really in a good situation (ask for medicine). So when my mom said they are coming back and my tears drop. I just don’t know why but indeed I feel much better. Words really can’t begin to describe how I feel but eventually it will turn back to the home button.

Let me free

Hola buenos dias. como estas usted? I have no idea how to start a little update on my life. I feel really uncomfortable to write my thought here but somehow I just wanted to express how grateful I am. I may not have a perfect life which I always dream of. My fantasy is always beautiful but somehow I was broken. It may not be perfect after pasting broken vast but somehow I am stronger now and begin to feel fixed. I am just like a cactus. Perhaps I never wanted to show how week I am from the outside. Therefore, I’m deceiving myself. But is ok…I am so grateful where my family are there for me when I was in the worse condition that is depression. Is insidious and repulsive that I couldn’t imagine how hard I try to live. I am a survival now because I am still breathing. One day I will be free from medicine. There are many things happen in my life that I couldn’t express out. I may express myself is a wrong way which I couldn’t help it. There are so many indescribable feelings. Depression, anorexia and now I am a bulimic. Sudden weight lose and now sudden weight gain. I am tired…..I am stronger. I can make it to the end!