How to survive on Valentine Day

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Oh hello, I’m back again. So sudden I have an inspiration to blog again. Hopefully I keep my words and keep blogging. Today topic would be “How to survive on Valentine Day”. What is “Valentine Day”? I hope anyone who read my post would agree with me. Ok, not everyone but I think is funny. My term of “Valentine Day” is “just a day” or “ordinary day”. If you are single please keep on reading because I have something to share. Valentine day is a celebration day and some people would feel lonely without partner. To the single, don’t disappointed. Love yourself and your family would be a greatest valentine day. So you should celebrate “bachelor day as your valentine day”. Celebrate with single and non-single friend. Here are my tips to show gratitude to YOURSELF, family and friend.


  1. Treat yourself

Is very important to reward yourself with a gift. It doesn’t matter if it is expensive or cheep. Just buy something that you like for yourself. For me, I’m going to buy a bag for myself. Haha….I need to control!!!!! Muahaha….


  1. Go for facial/massage/hair salon

Trust me, this is best way to relax your mind after such a damn day. I have insomnia but this really help to me to unwind my sole, mind and body. Beauty therapy is very expert in messaging the main point on your face/head/body and this will lead you to have a good sleep after the treatment.


  1. Treat your family with a good meal.

A good meal and a good chat with your family will make them feel so happy. All your parent want from you is a good health, safety and happy. When you are happy, they will be happy too.


  1. Give flowers

To be honest, even the girl dislike flowers but when they receive the flower they will be very happy. I don’t understand girls too. Is weird…I know is it waste of money because the flower will die eventually. Buy flower for yourself, for your mom and your close friend. If I live in 4-season country I will definitely buy flower for myself during winter.


  1. Work non stop

I think that would be me. My priority would be work. Sorry, this is not an advice.


If you have other tips to share, please do so. I always receive complain “I’m so lonely, I don’t have partner and so on and on and on” . You are not lonely; please enjoy yourself as the tips above. Cheer…




April Favorite 2013

Fashion favorite

Oh, hello summer, I believe perfect yellow short pants from Uniqlo will be in a trend for summer.

Favorite drinks

Of course it should be Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino –> no syrup, less milk, less whip cream!

Hair accessories

Bought this at Sunway Pyramid =) I’m so obsess with bow.

Favorite food

The Mugshot Cafe!

Favorite music
Practice Love by JJ Lin

Stalking on Valentine day

EXO – What is love


-if I offended you –> click x button
-this is just a thoughts of my mind

A lot of people asking me the same old question ” what type of guy do you like? “. Honestly, I don’t have the answer to this question or something that is very hard to express out the feelings. Well, at the same time a lot of guy will tell me “I like this type of girl, she is sweet, considerable, cute, beautiful”, “I don’t like girls who loves shopping and spend money”, “I like girls who loves to cook”. Well, just keep it to yourself. Ok, just delete my crap long sentence (I am actually offending people). If you understand the above sentence then……(disclose) =.=! I am not a type of person who can express out the feelings. The only expression you can see from me is happy or sad. I know –> watch too much of Korean drama. Without further discuss, I shall close my own discussion.

For those who are heart broken –> get well soon
For those who are current in a relationship –> all the best
For those who are in love with someone for so long and also dare not approach her/him or you can only stay at a distance with her/him then –> er, wish you good luck (chances 50:50, can’t help out – no experience)
For those who having 2 or more relationship in a time then –> hopefully you can choose one or hopefully this dirty little secret will review out soon.

Valentine day doesn’t mean you have to be in a relationship k! Don’t be so pathetic. Please bare in mind –> parents and friends. They are the person who care about you.  There are the person who will be there for you all the time. Vday mean love yourself as well. Peace !

With love,