ootd: V-neck

I have a v-neck jersey and sweater but this time is was a little bit different. Regard as as my first official v-neck shirt. This experience is kind like different. I felt more feminine. Seriously, I don’t get use to it. But I learned that v-neck shirt does show off my body especially neck area. See, my necklace really pop up and glittering.

Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger
Shoe: Coach
Bags: Longchamp


ootd : Shirt Speak My Heart

Life is beautiful

Do you wish to be a baby once again? Fewer problems @ fewer burdens @ happy-go-luck. This is something impractical. As a grow-up teenage or no longer a teenage, I feel a lot of pressure, burdens, problems, anxieties, depression and eating disorder. Life is always beautiful but somehow I feel something missing in my life. Money can’t buy happiness but it does make me happy at some point but it won’t last long. I don’t live for myself but I live for others. Life is full of statistic where I have to meet the demands of external force. I’m truly forgotten my dream. It doesn’t make sense at all. I’m asking myself “Where is my dream?”Due to dream circumference, I was always thinking about myself and not about others. I see the world as “all about me”, instead of “all about us”. I am motionless like “the road not taken”. When reminiscing on the past, I did not savored the good times and but ruminate about the bad times. Indeed, it freezes my heart and prevents me from moving forward. Remember the phrase “The road to success is always under construction – Arnold Palmer”. This post is kind like upsetting but it also homage the meaning of “life is beautiful” that I have to look forward.

Shirt: Billabong
Bags: Coach
Shorts: Cotton on

OOTD: Orange-Banana

I went for a medical checkup. As a manner, the first question will be “How are you?” Well, my answer will be the same lame respond that is “so-so”. Doctor was really apprehension on me. I look very pale and tired. As a usual warning “I don’t really want to send you to the hospital”. Everything was under control. Sometimes…is just not right. Feeling helpless and fatalistic about present as there is nothing I can do to change. It was a pessimistic. These will not assist me to enjoy my life! Let’s go back to my outfit of the day. I named it as “Orange-Banana”. Every outfit has a meaning and also represents your feelings. This bright pastel shows a brighter side of me instead of a lamented self.

Jumper: Nike
Shoes: Adidas
Bags: Korea
Shorts: Korea

A retail therapy

Is been awhile –> outfit of the day
Forgive my awkwardness face. Weekdays are really hectic for me. I keep myself occupied 24/5. I was quiet happy with my job (trainee) at the first place but still I am lack of problem solving skill. Do I look like an engineer? Busy is the key to distract my pessimistic thoughts. Worse come to worse, something called “out of stock”. Guess what? My weekdays turn into a humdrum routine. Well, not to forget my weekends that is a retail therapy just to reward myself from 1 month of hard work. 2 more months to go! Fighting !

Theme: A retail therapy
Tops: TopShop
Shoes: Coach
Bags: Calvin Klein

Nothing is impossible

Nothing is impossible! This quote always remind me of my gymnastic memories. I always try my best to perform on stage. I walk in the stage and put a big smile.
I dance with the music.
I play with my apparatus –> ball, hoop, ribbon and clubs.
I jump
I catch
I split
Last but not least, I end it with a big smile and wave a “Thank You”

1) Shirt -Adidas
2) Treggings – Korea
3) Shoe – Adidas


Today is holiday! Finally I can have a good rest  Not really, I’m stress for quiz. Tomorrow will be a very hectic day. 2 labs session in a day (9am-12noon) and (2pm-5pm)

Here is my outfit of the day.
1) Dress – Pop Soda
2) Necklace – Fossil
3) Knit Sweaters – Korea