Marc By Marc Jacobs

A little haul from Marc By Marc Jacobs
1) MBMJ Pink Tote (special item)
2) MBMJ Spectacle
3) MBMJ pouch (Japan Magazine Collaboration)


April #ootd

Not a fashion follower but dress according to changes.

Bag-Calvin Klein/ Shoe-Coach/ Top-Tommy Hilfiger

Bag-Coach/ Shoe-Superga/ Top-ASOS

Top-Topshop/ Scarf-Coach

Top-Tommy Hilfiger/ Bag-Calvin Klein

Top-Bershka/ Bag-Kennet Cole

Top-Zara/ Shoe-ASOS/ Bag-Calvin Klein

Top – JAspal/ Bag-LV



Top-Adidas/ Shoe-Pull&Bear

Top-Forever21/ Short-Uniqlo/ Shoe-ASOS/ Bag- Steve Madden

Fashion Forward

1) I’m looking for perfect light blue denim short from Topshop but usually it doesn’t fit me perfectly. Is either too tight or too loose. It is quiet nice to look partially practiced and chick at the same time where the two-tone blouse added with denim short. As for the shoe, I’m intending to buy blue/red TOMS shoe. I personally think, TOMS shoe can match any of the outfit including dresses.

2) Oh, my Zara blue blazer! When can I actually wear it? Still looking for a perfect timing to wear my blazer that I bought for quiet some time. I love how Taylor Swift matches her blazer in non-formal fashion.

3) Another problem after I bought Jaspal parka jacket. Malaysia is too hot, how am I supposed to wear that? I’m not regret buying it but I’m still looking for an opportunity to wear it. Haha… so stubborn

4) Currently I’m looking for a baseball jacket that I wanted to match with a transparent bag. I am so regret of not buying transparent bag from Pull and Bear last year. After one week of regret, I went back to the store again and is already sold out. I went to Pavilion as well, sold out! My face full of regret. This year, Bershka and Forever 21 came out their own design of transparent bag unfortunately I don’t really like the design. =.=!

5) I always go for floral dress but this year I make a little change. I go for plain dress. I bought blue dress from Kitshen and black dress from ASOS.

6) Oh ya, I really want a scarf so badly but I have no idea when is it possible for me to use it. Still consider about it. Uniqlo scarf came to my mind. Is floral and is really soft. Perhaps, I shall just wait for the sale to come since I’m not using it at current moment.

Sort of bags wishlist

Is always around this time of year when I carve for new things. What else can I said besides new designers bags and shoes right? I really love collection bags and shoes. I’m not only collection but I am also using it as well. I am day dreaming about the things I want and make a little “not so naughty list”.

Here are the list:
1) Louise Vuitton Speedy 30 Monogram Canvas
2) Longchamp Le Pliage
3) Tedbaker Bigcon Bow Shopper
4) Mulberry Alexa
5) Prada Saffiano
6) Gucci Vintage Boston Bag

Most likely I am going to get my dream bag that is LV speedy 30 monogram canvas next month. I had been saving hard to get my dream bag. The next bag that I’m going to get will be another Longchamp Le Pliage. I want to give another try. Well, I’m just too lazy to further complaining on my previous Longchamp tote. Last but not least, a cute Tedbaker Bigcon Bow Shopper. I will put my books, iPad and laptop whenever I go for a short tranquil day alone. Sometimes, I just need some space for myself. I don’t think I am afforded to buy too much of designers bags besides Coach and CK. Chanel is also one of my dream bags. Perhaps, I need 10 more years……..