My current situation –> Low Patient

Whenever I want to start blogging I have totally no idea how to start my first sentence. Should I start with “I’m back, MIA, I’m sorry, Hello readers”. I’m just so lame. I’m taking my time here to rant out whatever I can think right now. Rant in not a good topic but this is the only place where I can write freely and forget about it after my rage release over here. I truly believe if I hate something I have to change or try to put myself in someone’s shoes. Anyhow, I still want to rant out. Haha!!

  1. Before: Very patient

Now: Intolerant

I use to be a standalone person so I know my responsibility very well. I won’t even bother anyone who give me damn shit things. As long as I know I’m correct I will prove it. My time management is quiet good too but it is only apply for myself. When it come to teamwork, I damn $%^ up with them. Deal with attitude problem people, people whom crazy for power, people who always give me damn shit result. Damn it and &^&% your life man! My tolerance level totally drop and I still have to show a calm face. Really frustrated with this people.

  1. Before: Wait (max wait:1 hour)

Now: Wait (max wait: 10 minutes)

Standalone is easy because I do not need to wait for other people, I do not need to give explanation or inform anything, I do whatever I like! When people waiting for me I will feel so frustrated because I need to inform them when I am 100% focusing on my “stuff “. Worse case, my patients of waiting for people become very low. People waiting for me or I’m waiting for people really bother me.

Ok, that’s all my rant. Good night!


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