How to survive on Valentine Day

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Oh hello, I’m back again. So sudden I have an inspiration to blog again. Hopefully I keep my words and keep blogging. Today topic would be “How to survive on Valentine Day”. What is “Valentine Day”? I hope anyone who read my post would agree with me. Ok, not everyone but I think is funny. My term of “Valentine Day” is “just a day” or “ordinary day”. If you are single please keep on reading because I have something to share. Valentine day is a celebration day and some people would feel lonely without partner. To the single, don’t disappointed. Love yourself and your family would be a greatest valentine day. So you should celebrate “bachelor day as your valentine day”. Celebrate with single and non-single friend. Here are my tips to show gratitude to YOURSELF, family and friend.


  1. Treat yourself

Is very important to reward yourself with a gift. It doesn’t matter if it is expensive or cheep. Just buy something that you like for yourself. For me, I’m going to buy a bag for myself. Haha….I need to control!!!!! Muahaha….


  1. Go for facial/massage/hair salon

Trust me, this is best way to relax your mind after such a damn day. I have insomnia but this really help to me to unwind my sole, mind and body. Beauty therapy is very expert in messaging the main point on your face/head/body and this will lead you to have a good sleep after the treatment.


  1. Treat your family with a good meal.

A good meal and a good chat with your family will make them feel so happy. All your parent want from you is a good health, safety and happy. When you are happy, they will be happy too.


  1. Give flowers

To be honest, even the girl dislike flowers but when they receive the flower they will be very happy. I don’t understand girls too. Is weird…I know is it waste of money because the flower will die eventually. Buy flower for yourself, for your mom and your close friend. If I live in 4-season country I will definitely buy flower for myself during winter.


  1. Work non stop

I think that would be me. My priority would be work. Sorry, this is not an advice.


If you have other tips to share, please do so. I always receive complain “I’m so lonely, I don’t have partner and so on and on and on” . You are not lonely; please enjoy yourself as the tips above. Cheer…




My current situation –> Low Patient

Whenever I want to start blogging I have totally no idea how to start my first sentence. Should I start with “I’m back, MIA, I’m sorry, Hello readers”. I’m just so lame. I’m taking my time here to rant out whatever I can think right now. Rant in not a good topic but this is the only place where I can write freely and forget about it after my rage release over here. I truly believe if I hate something I have to change or try to put myself in someone’s shoes. Anyhow, I still want to rant out. Haha!!

  1. Before: Very patient

Now: Intolerant

I use to be a standalone person so I know my responsibility very well. I won’t even bother anyone who give me damn shit things. As long as I know I’m correct I will prove it. My time management is quiet good too but it is only apply for myself. When it come to teamwork, I damn $%^ up with them. Deal with attitude problem people, people whom crazy for power, people who always give me damn shit result. Damn it and &^&% your life man! My tolerance level totally drop and I still have to show a calm face. Really frustrated with this people.

  1. Before: Wait (max wait:1 hour)

Now: Wait (max wait: 10 minutes)

Standalone is easy because I do not need to wait for other people, I do not need to give explanation or inform anything, I do whatever I like! When people waiting for me I will feel so frustrated because I need to inform them when I am 100% focusing on my “stuff “. Worse case, my patients of waiting for people become very low. People waiting for me or I’m waiting for people really bother me.

Ok, that’s all my rant. Good night!

Money Houz

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The food serve here more like home cook food. As for the ingredient/sauce, I believe it available at the market. The food not really special but overall it taste just nice. 

Kaffa Signature 

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This is what I usually eat for lunch at Kaffa. Combination of soup and coffee will definitely make me full. Soup of the day which I like: brocoli, carrot and pumpkin soup. Most of the cafe only serve mushroom soup which is kind like ahhh “boring”. The only complain is there is no quality control of the taste. Sometimes the taste was totally out and sometimes the taste is perfect. 😋


Hi readers, 

Hopefully I’m back to blogging world. At least, I can write something freely over here. No rules to be follow, no people to judge me. Been full time focusing on my job and I am totally ignore my blog. Let me kick start simple introduction on my daily life.

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#matcha coffee & #matcha cake. I couldn’t live without coffee for my lunch. That’s how I get the power to keep myself focusing on the task given (insomnia). 


Time to going back and have my dinner. Here is what I bring to work. Swt!

 <a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=” photo C460ED24-7EAB-4F18-8097-741E02A4DE34_zpsnhkdamzq.jpg”/></a>

8.45 pm

<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=” photo 621AE10E-2270-438C-8608-3758DD08E1F7_zpsunz8vgpo.jpg”/></a>  

My dinner. Green tea latte and banana cake. Went back home and time for yoga. Ok, that’s my first update on my blog of the year 2015. 

LP MTB Station

 photo BF55572B-8241-473F-B637-BB71B0F2B258_zpssnsrduox.jpg
 photo 8840ABF9-ACA6-4140-92A5-C3C6277484DB_zpsclc4pywv.jpg

Food: 7/10 ( look more like subway)
Drinks: 9/10
Price: Reasonable
Service: Good and friendly
Environment: Is called a biker station. I feel like there is some story behind this cafe. Do check it out to find out more about this cafe.

LP MTB Station
20 Lorong Teras Jaya 2,
Kawasan Industrial Ringan Teras Jaya, Butterworth, Penang.